Welcome to the CReCER Community of Practice!

The CReCER CoP connects individuals who share a common interest in improving

financial reporting and audit practices in the public and corporate sectors in Latin

America and the Caribbean. The CReCER CoP provides an online platform for collaboration

and an informed dialogue and helps disseminate good practices and success

stories among its members through a broad range of activities including: video-conferencebased

regional dialogue series, group discussions, information on the CReCER annual

conferences, and quarterly newsletters.

Where will the CoP meet?

The annual CReCER conferences are recognized for enabling participants to share success stories in the fields of public financial management and corporate financial reporting. But when the delegates go home again, getting even a few of them together becomes difficult. To allow the leaders to keep talking and strengthening the regional integration the CoP will be the online platform to connect and continue the informed dialogue online with other colleagues. It will keep the same web address with the additional features of a dynamic and active community.

Who can participate?

Government officials, staff of financial sector regulatory agencies, managers from banks and companies across the Region, professional accountants, audit practitioners, university professors and students, staff of multilateral organizations and donor agencies, and anyone with an interest in accounting, financial reporting, auditing, corporate governance and related issues.

How can I contribute?

After creating your own professional profile on the community, you can be engaged in all the group discussions, blogs, video conferences, newsletters, web streaming, and updated programs on upcoming events and activities.

As participation is key for the community, we encourage you to subscribe and start learning!

What are the benefits of being a participant?

CReCER CoP provides a platform for collaboration and sharing knowledge in accounting and auditing, and an opportunity to learn from each other through shared experiences to produce new knowledge.

When you are looking for a lesson from a project or a recommendation for a good consultant, would you rather look into a database or ask a colleague?

With other recognized users in the community you can ask directly to the experts on hot issues related to accounting and auditing, projects, funding, country action plans, etc.

“It is no longer about reading the best documents, but most of all finding the right contact person”

This knowledge can then be used, for example, to identify people for capacity building activities or a project team based on their expertise and their links to others whose support will be needed to make the project a success.

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